Pancakes and milk churns


Pancakes and milk churns

The simplest things in life are often the most important and interesting.
Working away in the flat last Thursday, I was aware of a crowd gathering outside on the road.
Being a nosey bugger, I made my way down stairs to investigate.
A queue was forming around a  UAZ BUKHANKA VAN.
This van first made its appreance on the streets of Russia in the 1960s and is still everywhere,
Known affectionately as the BUKHANKA, буханка this word translates as the bread loaf, hence its shape.

It’s half past Thursday!

A language teacher that is a language learner is a special animal!


As I struggle to get to grips with the Russian language, I am reminded of the many reasons why I love learning and teaching languages.

An empathatic teacher is surely someone who can laugh at himself!

I recently told my new Russian teacher that it was half past Thursday.

A simple mistake, she says very nicely.

I then started my assignment, to descibe a room.

I continued to tell her that we had a raspberry kitchen and a boat on the table!

Image result for a russian ship

These are good signs ! As I now will remember the difference between a spoon and a boat and a raspberry and the word small!

Chainsaws, Ice sculptures, a cathedral,the end of Christmas concert, remembrance of the Lenningrad blockade and it’s only half last Thursday!

At first I wondered what was going on with piles of giant ices cubes in the middle of the city.

On my next visit I realised that the Ice blocks and piles of snow were for a festival of Ice and snow sculptures, so off they went to work with their chisels, , chainsaws, Household irons and unbeliebable skill and artistic vision.

One of the many snow sculptures

A magnifient carriage sculpted from ice and how on Earth I got that woman in the middle of the shot, I will never know!!





A Russian winter’s tale. Cafe Pierre in Russia.

A winter’s scene in the local park, temperatures of -17 feeling like -21, New clothes needed!!

AHA That’s better! A new Parka, gloves and hat. I look like a local now!

A group of young learners learning about how we celebrate Christmas in the UK

Another group of young English learners, all with excellent questions.

Another group learning about Christmas and our traditions

This time, more of a discussion with older students and an interested English teacher.

Thank you to Olga for inviting Cafe Pierre Languages and to my wonderful  friend and colleague Elena.



A new challenge

On 27th December 2018  Café Pierre Languages will relocate to Kostroma in Russia.

I will mainly be teaching English but developing also our distance learning programme.Image may contain: sky and outdoorImage may contain: Peter Samson, smiling, indoor

We have resources on our VLE [Virtual Learning Platform and classes will be offered by Social media video tools such as Skype and Whatsapp.

Our partners in Bourges [France] and La Coruňa  {Spain] will play a significant part on the programme with access to native speakers.

We are looking at a programme that works in  5 hour blocks spread over 1 hour sessions to meet your availability. 

Please contact Peter at  Café Pierre Languages by e mail to discuss further details.

We are offering , English, Russian, French, German, Spanish,  Italian and Dutch is also available.

Please e mail

Thank you to all of our students old and current for your support in the first phase of ;

Café Pierre Languages.

In which we were awarded the Best New small business in 2016.

Here’s to the next phase!!

Café Pierre in the classroom

You can do anything!

It’s true! You can do anything!

Well except draw a Walrus?

Thank you to my amazing students!

Thought provoking!


Sometimes, you just don’t know the answer

Or you have to point it out!


It wasn’t me!

Oh yes it was! Is this a Walrus?

Café Pierre in the Kitchen in Russia.

Buying fresh honey at the market in Kostroma

A Ratatouille of Courgette and Pumpkin from the Dacha

Ingredients fresh from the Dacha for Roast vegetables and a Tomato and garlic jus.

Very interesting Sea Buckthorn berries for a honey Syrup.

Chanterelles with blini

Sea Buckthorn berry and honey Blini

A young student tucking into a Cheese soup

Fricassée of Chanterelle with cracked potatoes, Guess where from? Yes the Dacha.

Café Pierre in Russia

Russia, the Russian language and culture is something that I have always been fascinated with. Since Yuri Gagarin stepped into his Spaceship Vostok 1 , Russia has always been there for me as a wonder, a  mysterious secret and a passion.

I am trying out our methods of language learning on myself as I spend the next month, working, living and studying in Russia.

Follow my Blog here. Peter’s Blog. To see how it goes.