A new challenge

On 27th December 2018  Café Pierre Languages will relocate to Kostroma in Russia.

I will mainly be teaching English but developing also our distance learning programme.Image may contain: sky and outdoorImage may contain: Peter Samson, smiling, indoor

We have resources on our VLE [Virtual Learning Platform and classes will be offered by Social media video tools such as Skype and Whatsapp.

Our partners in Bourges [France] and La Coruňa  {Spain] will play a significant part on the programme with access to native speakers.

We are looking at a programme that works in  5 hour blocks spread over 1 hour sessions to meet your availability. 

Please contact Peter at  Café Pierre Languages by e mail to discuss further details.

We are offering , English, Russian, French, German, Spanish,  Italian and Dutch is also available.

Please e mail cafepierrelanguages@gmail.com

Thank you to all of our students old and current for your support in the first phase of ;

Café Pierre Languages.

In which we were awarded the Best New small business in 2016.

Here’s to the next phase!!

Café Pierre in the classroom

You can do anything!

It’s true! You can do anything!

Well except draw a Walrus?

Thank you to my amazing students!

Thought provoking!


Sometimes, you just don’t know the answer

Or you have to point it out!


It wasn’t me!

Oh yes it was! Is this a Walrus?

Café Pierre in the Kitchen in Russia.

Buying fresh honey at the market in Kostroma

A Ratatouille of Courgette and Pumpkin from the Dacha

Ingredients fresh from the Dacha for Roast vegetables and a Tomato and garlic jus.

Very interesting Sea Buckthorn berries for a honey Syrup.

Chanterelles with blini

Sea Buckthorn berry and honey Blini

A young student tucking into a Cheese soup

Fricassée of Chanterelle with cracked potatoes, Guess where from? Yes the Dacha.

Café Pierre in Russia

Russia, the Russian language and culture is something that I have always been fascinated with. Since Yuri Gagarin stepped into his Spaceship Vostok 1 , Russia has always been there for me as a wonder, a  mysterious secret and a passion.

I am trying out our methods of language learning on myself as I spend the next month, working, living and studying in Russia.

Follow my Blog here. Peter’s Blog. To see how it goes.

Autumn 2018 update

St Petersburg 2018

I am heading out to Russia at the end of August and will return to the UK, ready to start the Autumn term. September 21st.

Therefore here are the start dates for our programme.

Monday 24th September. FRENCH, MINFIKA Tea and Coffee House Normanby. 11:15-12:45

Monday 24th September. SPANISH, MINFIKA Tea and COffee House. 13:00-14:30

Monday 24th September. GERMAN, MMX, Corporation Road. 19:00-21:00

Tuesday 25th September. SPANISH, Hartlepool AE, 15:00-17:00

Wednesday 26th September, SPANISH improvers, MMX,18:30-20:30

Thursday 27th September, SPANISH Beginners [New class]. MMX, 18:30-20:30

Friday 28th September, FRENCH Beginners [New class]. Hartlepool AE , People’s Centre, 10:00-12:00

Friday 28th September, ITALIAN Beginners [New class[. Hartlepool AE , People’s Centre, 13:00-15:00

Saturday 22nd. September, FRENCH L’atelier [Conversation and workshop], MMX, 11:30-13:00

Please look out for our Monthly Taller [Spanish Language workshops]dates  will be announced soon.


Welcome to our members


A big welcome to all of our members for the next stage of our projects with;

Café Pierre Languages.

Back in May, a group of our learners visited the beautiful French city of Bourges in the ancient region of le Berry.

We have a very strong partnership with Sylvia, Isabel, Mandy , Marie Noelle and the team at IMEP.

Our partnership was strengthened with agreement for a new Partnariat linguistique.

Plans are under way already for a trip to Bourges May 2019.

Susana Aldao, Jesus, the team and our Spanish partners at LA ESCUELA DE LENGUAS in La Coruňa , GALICIA are expecting a group in October 2018. Planning is under way and information will be posted very soon.


Our partners in Germany are the Volkshochschule in Oberhausen which is Middlesbrough’s Twin town.

A preliminary visit was made in February 2018 and we are hoping to visit Oberhausen in February 2019. Good contacts have been made with Carsten and Dorothee.

Of course a very strong link is also made with the city of Kostroma in Russia.

Olga , Natalia and I are working together August 2018 to develop the partnership.


OUTSTANDING! I am over the moon!

It’s official!     The results of the recent observation of teaching and learning process from Hartlepool Adult Education Service have been completed.

Grade 1 Outstanding.

I have recently been described as a proud Teessider, well it’s true and I’m chuffed to bits.

So here at Café Pierre Languages, we are celebrating and howling at the moon! 



Tomorrow, Saturday 7th April 2018, I set off on my way to Kostroma in Russia. It is my fifth visit to Russia and to Kostroma. Durham County Council and Kostroma Oblast have had a partnership spanning an amazing 50 years. I am involved with a visit that involves volunteer English teachers, some retired and some still practicing like myself.

50 years ago, I was a 12 year old boy watching the strangest, the most exciting, the most dangerous, the most bizarre events the world has ever seen. The space race. It wasn’t science fiction and it wasn’t some false / fake news story. It happened and it was happening as I grew up in my little town in the North East of England, Middlesbrough.

Yuri Gagarin was a superstar, an international fact, not just a member of the Russian Air Force, a real hero. 50 years of this partnership is a real achievement, considering the differences and the issues surrounding our two nations. The Cold War, The Berlin Wall, not to mention today’s political challenges.

50 years ago, England were the champions of the world, I had seen my first ever football match at Ayresome Park, Russia v North Korea and the greatest ever goalkeeper, ‘The Black Panther’, Lev Yashin, famous for wearing his flat cap. In fact Yashin didn’t play in this game, but he was part of the squad.

Watch our Facebook page @cafepierrelanguages to experience Russia in 2018.




El taller Sabado 17 febrero 2018

El taller [ A Spanish language workshop]

Saturday 17th February 2018.

17 students of Spanish from Café Pierre languages enjoyed a Spanish workshop, [el taller] in Middlesbrough. Guests included nos amigos, Luis y Victoria de Barcelona, Anita our Linguistic Guru! Sohara from Ceuta and last but not least, el impostor Les our 82 year old student from Hartlepool.

Students and guests tested la tortilla famosa de Pedro and had to name the 15 ingredients in Spanish and guess how many eggs were used in the recipe for the event.


Dates for the next monthly workshops are; Reservation is essential @ £10 per person.

Saturday 17th March

Saturday 21st April