New age, new challenges, new opportunities

I recently wrote about how we have adapted to digital learning during this awful experience of the Covid pandemic. It is so true how quickly a lot of us [but not all] have become accustomed to using Zoom, Skype, Discord , to name bot a few of the platforms.

Yet there are still many more challenge ahead.

Personally, i have been using online learning for many years now starting with projects mostly related to VLSs [Virtual Learning Platforms, especially MOODLE.

One of the challenges I now face is the marketing and sales of my first children’s book.

Kirill the Kostroma crocodile.

I am fairly sure now that the secret will be through social media.

Kostroma Library New Course

English conversation

урок английского языка

Wednesdays          по средам

18: 00-20: 00

Start date Wednesday 2nd October

Information and enrolment

Thursday 26th September 18:00-20:00

Дата начала среда 2 октября

Информация и регистрация

Четверг 26 сентября 18: 00-20: 00


Даты курсов. По средам

2 октября 9, 16, 23, 30.

6, 13 ноября, [20-го класса нет]. 27-го

4 декабря, 11 декабря.

Плата 400₽ за занятие


Course dates. Wednesdays

October 2nd 9th,16th,23rd,30th.

November 6th, 13th, [20th no class]. , 27th.

December 4th, 11th.

Fee 400₽ per session

Book signing and class information.

This Sunday, 1st September at 11:00 at the Traveller’s Cafe in Kostroma on Sovietskaya Ulitza. There will be a book signing of my first selection of poetry in Russian , English, Italian , Spanish and French. I wil also be able to give information about English and other language classes starting in the Autumn. Come along and meet me and I will try to help you with your enquiries. Classes starting soon with OK English, Kostroma library in October and other venues to be announced.

Language learning a few thoughts.

Russian language certificate. kostroma University

I thought I would share a few thoughts about my recent experiences as a language learner. I am extremely proud to say that I have recently been successful in achieving my Russian language certificate as part of the process of applying for a work permit here in Russia.
No mean feat! I can tell you.
This exam consisted of 6 parts.
Reading, writing, listening, speaking, Russian history and Russian law.

I have just read a wonderful article from Stephen Fry, which has underlined everything I believe about language learning and this has inspired me to write this post.
He simply states that it is language that makes us human. Check it out on Facebook.
Language learning is not a gift, it is a right and recently I have witnessed so many emotions in the process of learning a new language.

Don’t be afraid of it’, Stephen Fry says. Easily said, when you are constantly, either, not understood or in some cases, put down because of your poor pronunciation or even misunderstanding.
He is of course correct in saying that you shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes. this is fundamental in my opinion. However, it takes a lot  to accept this on a regular basis, perseverance is not taught and how can you learn confidence?
Stephen says that many English speakers do not enjoy language, frightened of making that dreadful error with grammar and that other people are haughty about any misuse of language.
People show off their superior knowledge of language and look down on those who are learning and trying their best.

Trudging through the ice and snow back in January to my Russian lessons, reminded me about the real reason for those of us who put ourselves through this torture of learning a language. It is because I want it! I need it , in my case it is essential in order to live, work and learn in another culture and country.

May day, May bugs and Dachas.

May day, May bugs and Dachas

So as we head into May, a busy month, visits to all corners of Kostroma Oblast loom. A visit to the U.S.A. and new challenges including a Russian language test!
Cafe Pierre Languages has a new Social media portal on VK and projects are developing with our partners at OK English, Kostroma Library, and Kostroma University, along with groups and schools in the area.Keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter and VK for posts regarding school visits and new conversation projects.

At the moment my writing is concentrated on gibberish or perhaps to be more accurate, continuous free writing in the form of a ‘stream of consciousness’. Influenced of course by the amazing book that will and has changed my life.
Ulysses by James Joyce.



Image result for writers pen

Носитель английского языка, поэт, писатель, преподаватель иностранных языков, языковой консультант предлагает практику, мастерклассы по развитию навыков преподавания аглийского, французского, немецкого, итальянского и испанского языков.
Для дальнейшей информации свяжитесь с Питером
тел. 8910 378 38 10
или с Ольгой
тел. 8910 196 54 90

U.S.S.R. Postal history

Wonderful Soviet postcards from my new friends at Kostroma Philatelic Club. Most with text in Russian of course. There’s a story behind each and every one of them. Fascinating! And in my opinion, works of art in their own right!

Back in the Kitchen

So last Monday, I returned to the kitchen! With a group of Superheros. OK English in Kostroma organised a ‘Master CLass’ with their young students. we cooked and prepared and ate Bread and Butter pudding.Scottish Shortbread and American Brownies.

All chatting away in English and a bit of Russian!

I was more nervous with this group than I am with the English students at Kostroma University! To be honest. But we had fun, I had fun and I didn’t  burn anyone or anything!

Watch out Jamie Oliver|!!



Cafe Pierre Languages arrives in Kostroma!

Meet in an informal atmosphere and chat in English with a native speaker about whatever takes our fancy. Good coffee, food and company, how else would you want to spend your Saturday morning?  Contact Peter for further information on VK or e mail at

See you Saturday