World Book Day

WORLD BOOK DAY IS TODAY! THURSDAY MARCH 7th. Go to the highlighted link.

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Some of you know already that I am reading this amazing book.

Ulysses written by James Joyce.  I have been trying to read this book for many years and I have finally got to grips with the book and I am starting, only starting ! to understand why this book is often decribed as the greatest book ever written in the English language. As a writer myself, and I can now call myself a writer! I can see how Joyce has experimented in each chapter of his masterpiece using different approaches, styles, sometimes texts and sometimes nonsense, his allusion is phenomenal and awesome, as it is now clear that in order to write, in my opinion, you have to read. Anything, read it all! Newspapers, magazines, cartoons, online, but preferably in your library. Support these amazing places.

I will celebrate World Book day in my new Library here on Sovietskaya Ulitza in Kostroma by spending a hour or two in the reference library with James Joyce.

Pick up a book and escape!