El Camino-The Way

For more than 7 years, I have been working with partners in Europe.El_Camino_de_Santiago_72dpi_rotated_

As a language student myself, I appreciate the need to have contact with the native speaker.

Because of the need for authentic resources, everyday speech, colloquialism, idiom, accent, cultural transfer and the simple search for knowledge, The Way had emerged as a method of language teaching and learning.

With our partners IMEP in France in the city of Bourges le Chemin has emerged as a method of language study.

In Germany at the Volkshochschule in Leinfeld Enterdingen, Der Weg  was initiated.

In Spain at la escuela de idiomas La Coruña the idea was formulated through the famous ‘El camino’  de Santiago de Compostella.

The concept of el camino is that on your journey you will be given a credenciel [a passport or record of your journey], as you progress through your journey, you will collect the stamps [Compostella] that are proof that you have witnessed that stage.

This is exactly how ‘The Way’ ,  El Camino, Der Weg and Le chemin are offered through  Café Pierre Languages.

Your courses will be offered in distinct stages.

A taster, followed by a 10 week Introduction course, then 20 weeks of a Beginners’ course and 1 year Improver’s.

As soon as you are ready a native speaker will be found in the partner organisation and tasks will be given for you to complete through the use of Skype.

Of course this is then up to you as it is independent study.

This will be backed up with Intermediate and Conversation classes.